Collections software for utilities

Collections software for utilities

Target's tailored collections management software for utilities manages the entire arrears lifecycle from identifying early repayment problems and managing delinquency through to debt recovery and litigation.

Utilities SolutionsOur collections management software solution helps utilities control arrears and improve risk management.  It is currently in use across single and multi-site operations collecting arrears on both consumer and commercial utilities accounts.

Adopting a more proactive approach to early arrears has proved highly effective for our clients.  We deliver innovative arrears management software for leading utility providers including Centrica, Yorkshire Water and South Staffordshire Water.

5 steps to improved arrears:

1. Streamline your business processes, our arrears consultants help you improve efficiency
2. Automate mundane tasks, free up your team to focus on the customer and not administration
3. Empower your staff through intelligent workflow, so they can focus on priority accounts and efficiently collect
4. Implement innovative, customised collections strategies that enable you to treat customers fairly
5. Identify early signs of delinquency, take advantage of our predictive models and tools and intervene

Success stories

Yorkshire WaterArrears Management Software for Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water revolutionises its collections with Target’s innovative arrears management solution.

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