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Having the flexibility to adapt to ever changing market conditions is key to success for lenders. Target's software provides the agility you need to innovate rapidly and grow your business.

Designed for the loan product lifecycle, Target software enables new business, efficient account management, collections plus efficiently management reporting.

One approach does not necessarily fit all.  That's why we deliver tailored solutions designed around your business. 

Key Solution Features


Our software solutions for lenders enable you to rapidly adapt to market demands and gain competitive advantage.

They enable you to run multiple loan products on a single platform - so adding new products to your portfolio, or diversifying into new markets is made quick and easy.

High levels of user configuration mean you are able to set-up new products exactly as you want them, and launch them to market without the need for extensive development.

Our consultants will work with you to achieve higher levels of customer acquisition through innovation.


Accurate insight into the performance of your portfolio, operations and loan products, is key to ensuring business success.

Target's systems provide granular level data to equip you with the insight you need to provide complete transparency to investors and regulators.

Our specialist consultants will give you fresh insight into your current strategies. Having the precise detail you require for accurate management information enables definition of strategies that will differentiate you from the competition:

  • Pricing strategies can be designed according to risk.
  • Sophisticated customer management strategies can be defined to ensure the customer relationship is being managed to its full potential.
  • Effective cost and value based management can be employed through understanding the cost of an activity per account and total cost of servicing.

We design our solutions to optimise performance and streamline core business processes for maximum efficiency. High levels of automation and workflow mean you can achieve more with less resource.

The first-hand, in-depth experience we gain from running our state-of-the-art outsourced lending operation, is built into the systems. Sophisticated business process management and user defined business rules mean that all operators are empowered to perform at a high level of ability.

Full audit capability enables you to closely track individual operator and team performance to ensure your team are operating as efficiently as possible.

Enterprise resource planning services demonstrate how to achieve the right balance of people and technology.


Our lending business systems are built to put you in control; the granular level of data in the systems arms you with precise, accurate management information and key performance indicators.

A single view across the entire customer relationship enables you to control your full exposure to a customer and maximise the relationship through marketing and up-selling opportunities.

A single view across the activities of your team enables effective control of your operations through sophisticated performance management.

We put you in control of changes without the need for supplier intervention through extensive use of configurable business rules.

Our advanced collections software enables you to control arrears levels through promoting pre-delinquency management and pro-active strategies to drive down delinquency.


We design solutions that equip our clients to define compliant processes. High levels of automation equip clients to control their business and better guarantee the adherance to defined procedures.

Target software controls the production of client defined documents, KFIs, credit agreements, as well as performing regulatory defined calculations.

A full audit trail of activities and the ability to perform operator spot checks provides complete visibility of user behaviour.

Our dedicated compliance team provide advice to clients on the impact of regulation on their business. The team closely monitors new legislation and regulatory guidelines.

Success stories

NemoNemo choose Target secured loan software

With an objective to get opertional quickly, Principality Building Society subsidiary Nemo selected Target to provide advanced software to manage the loan lifecycle for its secured loan portfolio.

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News articles

Welcome FinanceWelcome Finance selects Target software

Welcome will use Target’s software to process secured loans, unsecured loans and hire purchase agreements to optimise collections.

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    Our software systems are designed to manage the intricacies of your specific loan products:

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