Mortgage servicing and securitisation

We delivered a high quality, agile solution for the purchase of a loan portfolio, subsequent securitisation and off boarding within challenging timeframes.

The Challenge

Our client wished to complete the purchase of a sizable portfolio, securitise and off board it to their own servicing operations within a tight four month timeframe. This posed a series of challenges as there were 3 discreet critical stages each with unique risks and operational and financial implications.

The main priority was to ensure a smooth and efficient transition of the acquired mortgage portfolio during the changeover period ensuring customers were unaffected by these changes. It was vital to ensure there was no disruption to the collection of payments during the acquisition and throughout the data migration exercise. This transition had to be completed within a stretching timeframe.

The Solution

As the existing servicer, working with the client, supported the purchase, warehousing, securitisation and subsequent off-boarding exercise. This entailed significant combination of financial and operational controls, due diligence support and rapid deployment of bespoke MI to provide both the client and their Investors full confidence in the process.

We reacted quickly and implemented a tailored solution within a newly built environment on our systems. We also enabled the client to adapt the existing processes and tailor them to their specific requirements.

We managed the loan migration and all associated customer and financial issues for the client. We also serviced the mortgage portfolio for the entire period through all the transitions before a full data migration and off-boarding exercise took place.


We supported our client with a flexible and innovative solution that was delivered quickly and to a high standard. This ensured the customers remained a priority throughout the short term servicing agreement and portfolio off boarding. At conclusion the client achieved their objectives delivering an innovative transaction for its stakeholders and investors in the securitisation.

Our solution was original and a first for the market. Prior to this it was unknown for a portfolio acquisition, securitisation and migration to be completed in such a short timeframe. This demonstrated our ability to respond to our client’s needs quickly through designing and implementing a novel answer to the challenge.

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