We have one goal. To change the way customers feel.

Core Values

Our 4 core values embody our culture and are the key to our success; they are embedded within the company and drive our behaviours both internally and externally:

Share like a family

Talk like an expert

Think like a customer

Imagine like a child

We think like a customer

When we think like a customer, we put ourselves in their shoes. High heels, loafers, trainers or flip flops. They’re all different. We’re open and honest, which helps us to build rapport and trust. We delight customers with a personal service.

We talk like an expert

We really know our stuff. We’re experts, we’re confident and we’re proactive, anticipating change. We make complicated things simple, without jargon, and without confusion.

We share like a family

We support each other through the highs and the lows. Celebrating the good times and helping each other when things get tough. We show our appreciation and we keep our promises – big and small.

We imagine like a child

We explore new ideas, with no boundaries and with endless curiosity. We plant, we nurture and we encourage. Seeking inspiration from all around us, while embracing change with open minds.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Energy Saving Committee has been awarded the Green Dragon Environmental Standard for our energy-saving efforts and commitment to supporting greener working.

We have been able to reduce general waste, and increase our recycling by 55%.

In addition, as part of the refurbishment of our Cardiff Headquarters, we have made significant environmental improvements such as energy efficient LED lighting, creating a better working environment for our team, reducing our environmental impact and helping us on our way to a sustainable future.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate and Social Responsibility

As a company, we are committed to not only doing the right thing for our clients, but taking responsibility for the environment around us, best working practices and engagement with our local communities

Our chosen charity is Alzheimer’s Society – our colleagues enjoy a range of fundraising activities, as well as taking part in some rewarding volunteering with the charity to support its mission.

We welcome the opportunity to report our Gender Pay Gap figures and to be transparent about our gender pay difference and the positive actions we as a Company can continue to take to reduce this gap and ensure opportunities for all our employees. Find out more here.