Business Process Management

Untangle your business with our rapid business improvement

We deliver business process management services across banking, lending, insurance, utilities and the public sector.

Our rapid business process improvement solution provides clients with:

Reduced processing times

Improved control and visibility

Standardised processes

Enhanced customer experience

Operational cost savings

Business Process Management

Managing your complexity

While you focus on your core proposition we tackle your operational complexity and find more efficient ways of working. We will streamline your operation within weeks. 

Our team are experienced in deploying key Business Process Management (BPM) technologies dedicated to financial services. Find out how we have helped a Tier 1 Bank cut back office processing times by 84% in just three months.

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Our BPM approach and how it will deliver for you

Watch how we used Business Process Management to transform our own operation

We offer the consultancy skills to understand your requirements and the technical expertise to optimise your processes. As we work exclusively in the Financial Services industry we are familiar with many of the challenges our clients face. 

We understand the constraints posed by complex legacy systems and financial services regulations, we can swiftly pinpoint where customer journeys fragment or manual intervention creates risks, prioritise the areas for improvement and then apply leading Business Process Management tools such as Appian iBPM to model similar ways of working. Our strategic partnership with Appian spans over 8 years, we use Appian’s IBPM product to provide end to end BPM solutions across our own servicing operations and for our external clients.

We shape the way we work around you

Our rapid business improvement capabilities

Read our case study to understand how we helped a Tier 1 Bank reduce their average refund processing from 10 minutes to 1 minute.

Rapid Business Improvement in action

Focus on the customer experience

We look at your processes from the customer perspective and ensure improvements streamline their journey and enhance their experience.

Act on data and insight

We quickly gather data on your operational performance and customer experience to understand where improvements are needed most.

Simplify and standardise your processes

Process standardisation often using ready-made accelerators means change can be delivered faster.

Automate wherever possible

Automation reduces the level of time-consuming manual input, cuts the risk of human error and frees your time.

Demonstrate business value

We quantify the value to your business before we get started, using measures that are meaningful to you.

Keep improving

While we deliver initial results fast, we know there is always scope to improve other processes and optimise and design new ones.

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