Target welcomes the opportunity to report our Gender Pay Gap figures and to be transparent about our gender pay difference and the positive actions we as a Company can continue to take to reduce this gap and ensure opportunities for all employees. Our aim is to reduce our Gender Pay Gap and we have formulated a multi - faceted approach to allow us to build on and work towards fulfilling this goal.

Females and Males by pay band

Females and Males receiving a bonus

This shows a 0.8% difference between women and men.
April 2016 – April 2017

“As with most employers in our sector, our gap is driven by the imbalance of women in senior leadership, technical and professional fields. We recognise change will take time but by taking positive steps we aim to reduce these gaps.”

Rhiannon Williams, HR Director

The positives steps that we are taking

Support and actively attract women

Ensure a minimum of one female is shortlisted for every senior role

Review of family friendly policies and pay provisions such as maternity, flexible working and parental leave

Recruitment and selection training for all managers and leaders

Partner with local schools/ colleges to promote the technical career paths we can offer, particularly to females

Empower and support our leaders 


Champion senior female role models


Provide diversity and inclusion training for our leadership team

Build a diverse and inclusive culture

Explore working with groups such as the Women In Finance Charter and Women in Tech Charter to set gender diversity targets

Gain and act on feedback from our annual Employee Opinion Survey.

The Gender Pay Gap Report

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