Target welcomes the opportunity to report our Gender Pay Gap figures and to be transparent about our gender pay difference and the positive actions we as a Company can continue to take to reduce this gap and ensure opportunities for all employees.

Our aim is to reduce our Gender Pay Gap and we have formulated a multi-faceted approach to allow us to build on and work towards fulfilling this goal.

Our results have been calculated using the required snapshot date of 5th April 2018 and have been independently verified.

% of Females and Males employed by pay band

“We are still on the journey to gender equality, but we are making great strides to get there. Our action plan demonstrates we are making a difference and are committed to reducing our gender pay gap year on year.”

Rhiannon Williams, HR Director

The positives steps that we are taking

Grow our Women in Target programme within the business to support and inspire the next generation of women leaders.

We are creating a supportive network, including mentors and career development opportunities for our aspiring female business leads.

Senior management to be made up of 50% women by 2022

Our Senior Leadership Team is currently made up of 32% women 68% men.

Continue to ensure a minimum of one female is shortlisted for every senior role

Continue to roll out recruitment and selection training to all Managers and Team Leaders by the end of 2019.

Continue to grow our relationships with local schools to actively promote STEM subjects/financial education ensuring accessibility into these subject areas for females.

Extend our diversity and inclusion training for our entire Management team by the end of 2019 to ensure this becomes fully embedded within our culture.

Highlight our family friendly policies and the support Target can offer to working families and carers, encourage managers to embrace flexible working practices where appropriate.

Focus on career returners to increase the number of women joining/coming back into the business following maternity leave or career breaks.

The Gender Pay Gap Report

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