The Next Generation

The next generation of insurance distribution and customer acquisition software is here. Evolve your digital distribution strategy and re-imagine customer experience.

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Remaining relevant in an increasingly commoditised market

In a future where insurers risk being marginalised and relegated to white label providers or being completely disintermediated from the customer, positioning your brand as relevant, innovative and responsive to customer needs is paramount.

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Consistent and connected omni-channel customer experiences

Customers expect you to interact with them across a range of channels. Our research shows that 85% of consumers now prefer to use digital channels to research, buy and check their insurance policies online. Achieving a connected, consistent omni-channel experience traditionally has been a challenge for insurers; custom developing individual products, websites and customer interactions is expensive, time consuming and reduces market agility.

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The next generation of insurance distribution and customer acquisition

IF Channel combines underwriting, rating and sales distribution with a powerful digital product and channel builder that gives you the ability to create and configure channels relevant to your target customers and their customer journeys across every touchpoint and device. Combine rich user experiences and channel functionality with your own branding to deliver a seamless customer engagement. Create new distribution business models and partnerships, given IF Channel’s ability to support – direct to consumers, agent, broker direct or affinity distribution channels from a single platform.

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Configuration driven product build

Underpinning IF Channel’s powerful product builder is a configuration engine that enables channel products, channels, workflows and rating to be designed, configured, reused and tested at the push of a button. Prototype channels, combine risks and add or re-arrange question sets faster than your competition, and improve customer engagement. No custom core development is required. Products or elements of products are reusable across telephone, digital, face to face channels and brands, providing unique flexibility and speed.

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Platform approach to digital transformation

IF Channel’s platform approach provides you with the heavy lifting and integrated components required to deliver your digital distribution strategy. Capitalise on your investments in existing back-end technology (eg. insurance, sales, and marketing) and integrate seamlessly to other third party technology (eg. data enrichment; address / postcode lookup). As part of a digital transformation strategy IF Channel enables simplification and the removal of duplication and silos that foster inefficiencies and high costs.

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