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Policy administration system transformation

Transform your policy administration system to meet the demands of your customers. With a 360-degree view, be aware of all of the business they have with you, have their information readily available at your fingertips to efficiently assist and proactively offer new services bundled in lifestyle packages.

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Customer centric policy administration

IF FullCycle is our customer centric enterprise policy administration software designed for Insurance, Managing General Agent and Bancassurance providers requiring fully featured and advanced business processing capability. Either integrated or modular, our end to end software supports sales, administration, accounts claims and reinsurance, ensuring business benefits across multiple insurance lines of business. We support an evolutionary approach to replacing legacy applications and technology, using a methodology designed to reduce risk, and improve solution delivery.

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Improve speed to market

Reduce the time, cost and effort it takes to respond to market opportunities, business and regulatory needs. At the heart of IF FullCycle is iBuilder our flexible configuration engine that allows you to adapt to change, enabling all aspects of product creation and ongoing management, underwriting and claims to be quickly and easily configured. iBuilder is the perfect tool for the people who best understand your products – your business users. Build, deploy and manage your insurance products, from simple single trip travel to complex and sophisticated private, commercial and multi-cover products across your channels.

Customers benefiting from Target's insurance solutions

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