At Target, we are #EachForEqual

The International Women’s Day theme for 2020 is #EachforEqual, which reminds everyone that each of us has an opportunity to impact gender equality. On International Women’s Day, and every day, here at Target, we are committed to creating a workplace where all voices are heard and appreciated. We aspire to build a strong female pipeline for the future and continue to create an environment where all colleagues feel included and supported.

Over the past year we have been working on making Target an even more Diverse and Inclusive place to work.

  • We have an active Diversity and Inclusion committee, run by employees and open to everyone
  • We’ve also launched our Women in Target programme, a key element of our plans to diminish our gender pay gap. The programme is also part of Target’s commitment to the “Women in Finance Charter”, an HM Treasury initiative which Target signed up to in late 2018.

Catherine Rowe, CEO at Target said:

“At Target, we are committed to Diversity and Inclusion, not just throughout our recruitment process, but also by creating an inclusive community where our people thrive. I truly believe a diverse and inclusive workplace makes us all stronger, and helps us learn and benefit from different experiences, ideas and perspectives. I am proud of the steps we have taken at Target to ensure opportunities for all employees.”

Rhiannon Williams, HR Director at Target, added:

“We’re still on the journey to gender equality, but we are making great strides to get there. Our action plan demonstrates we are making a difference and are committed to reducing our gender pay gap year on year.”