Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Richard South, Business Development Director - Public Sector

Richard South | Business Development Director for Public Sector

Richard brings over 20 years of client services and business development experience, with a deep understanding of public sector clients. Previously Managing Director, EMEA at Williams Lea Tag, he spent over a decade leading critical public sector relationships before successfully establishing and leading a dedicated public sector business development team.

The public sector has led the way in digital transformation. The Digital by Default programme which commenced 10 years ago, has transformed public services. However, the public sector has undoubtedly struggled mainly due to the burden of legacy systems and infrastructure.

The sector has managed to successfully handle these pressures by outsourcing some more specialist services. We’ve seen outsourcing in the public sector for about the same amount of time as Target has been around. Target celebrated its 40th birthday in 2019, and over the last four decades has evolved with new technological developments, and innovation in FinTech, helping to deliver efficiencies and great user experience across many public services.

I joined Target  because I feel that Target has a real strategic commitment to building a public sector business. Its no-fail, penny-accurate expertise ensures a robust and resilient service. The teams at Target are acutely aware of the specific and differing needs of the public sector, which, combined with a deep knowledge of financial transactions creates a solid platform for solution delivery.

The public sector is now very advanced in terms of digital capability. But there is still much to do. The sector needs providers who can deliver frictionless and high-quality digital services, with the support and contact on hand for those who choose not to engage online. The public sector needs to ensure good levels of engagement and satisfaction across all generations, from Generation Z who are just emerging into adulthood, right through to the 100+ generation.

Service providers need to be aware of the needs of a cross section of society, innovating with digital delivery, but also ensuring solid performance in non-digital channels. Focusing solely on digital services, to the detriment of more traditional phone, post and face to face could alienate people across all of society.

As we move beyond austerity there is still a demand for delivering value for money on services. The public sector will always be faced with scarce resources, and the need to use them wisely and efficiently, while delivering the biggest impact.

The UK public sector is unique. Its digital programmes are well-executed and have included much innovation. However, there is still a need to provide a multi-channel service to ensure high levels of engagement across all of society. Delivering high quality and inclusive user experience, coupled with robust and compliant service in an efficient manner, is what makes a good provider to the public sector.

Achieving Successful Digital Transformation in Public Sector Financial Services

In this highly competitive world, it is essential for any ambitious, growing business to have an active digital strategy, to transform processes, and reimagine customer journeys.

In this video, Target’s Business Development Director for Public Sector, Richard South explains how Target Group can support digital transformation in your organisation.

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