Driving Digital Transformation across the Public Sector

All organisations have been embarking on their own digital transformation journey. It offers many great opportunities, but also many challenges.

In Executive TV’s programme ‘Digital Transformation: Clients & Consumers’, Target Group, along with Entec SI and Fathom, discuss what digital transformation involves and why it will play a key part in any organisation’s future.

The episode includes interviews with some key Target people:

  • Director of Client Operations, Richard Glanville
  • Business Development Director for Public Sector, Richard South
  • Continuous Improvement Manager / Solutions Lead, Bethan Collins

During the programme, our team offers up valuable insight into digital transformation and how it is changing our lives. Part of the discussion highlights that it is only through successful meaningful partnerships that the public sector will truly grow and develop. A finding that proves while technology is the future, it means very little without people at the fore.

Watch the video below to find out more:

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