The changing world of collections and recoveries

Caroline Williams | Marketing Manager

With over 15 years' marketing experience in financial services, professional services and the public sector, Caroline has a solid understanding of customer experience, digital transformation and marketing technology.

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a significant impact on customer arrears. We’re seeing many changes in the demographics of customers in arrears, as well as the typical arrears lifecycle. There is no such thing as a typical lifecycle! Increasing complexity, longer recovery periods and more vulnerability is creating a series of challenges for lenders, likely to be around for some time.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening:

Shift in consumer profile

Covid-19 has created a new segment of customers – those people falling into arrears for the first time, unused to worrying about their finances, who are finding the arrears process alien to them. High net worth customers have experienced a highly unexpected and catastrophic drop in income to zero.

Increased operational demand

Lenders have expressed concerns relating to the need to up-weight existing operational teams to handle not only increased demand, but also increasing complexity. Recruiting, training, retaining and managing resources across the arrears lifecycle from simple processing to complex arrears, vulnerable customer and litigation matters will place increased strain on lenders.

Short timelines to respond

We can safely say that the last 12 months have demonstrated the need for agility in lending. Being able to respond quickly to change is critical in delivering good customer service and protecting customers in trouble.

Supporting customers in complex circumstances

Initially lenders and their servicing partners were preparing for an initial spike in demand for arrears management. Now, as that spike in demand has shrunk, the complexities of arrears cases is apparent. The arrears lifecycle is getting longer and more complex.

Long-term impacts of Covid-19 on consumer finances

As restrictions are eased, we’re seeing a polarisation of customer segments. While some are more fortuitous, others are being left behind. They’ve had little government support throughout the crisis and their ability to afford a property diminished as the market moves on without them.

Difficult communication

Customers new to the arrears process are experiencing significant embarrassment and discomfort, leading to difficulty for lenders to communicate effectively. Letters are ignored and calls cut off as panic sets in.

Being able to cope with the speedy and far-reaching changes happening in the market is critical to maintaining good levels of customer service and deliver good outcomes.

Outsourcing arrears management to an experienced provider enables lenders to handle the peaks and troughs in demand as well as increasing complexity and longer arrears cycles.

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