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5 ways banks can get ready for digital currencies

Following the European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to launch its own digital currency, Geraint Chamberlain, Product Director at Target Group, shares his top five tips on how banks can prepare for the rise of digital currencies.

How to implement self-service to supercharge your UX

What are the main considerations in helping to take self-service from concept to reality? Here’s our guide on how to successfully implement self-service and revolutionise your customer service.

3 reasons why GDPR is actually a good thing

The panic across businesses and organisations in the months running up to 25 May 2018 was palpable. GDPR was coming, and it was going to disrupt operations, occupy the busy diaries of CIOs, CDOs and CEOS, as well as costing a fortune to implement.

Information Builders International Summit, London 2018

What is The Digital Age? How do we fill in the gaps in our data? How do we succeed at digital? Some of the questions posed and answered at the Information Builders International Summit