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Under Pressure. Cost of living crisis piles on the stress

Over 9 million people in the UK are already in problem debt, with the average person owing over £31k. With the cost of living crisis, we anticipate a sharp rise of customers in financial crisis. Learn how updating you collection's and arrears strategies can better support these customers.

Transforming device finance for a major UK mobile airtime provider

Mobile providers now require Loan Management Software (LMS) to support the change and ensure device finance is separated from airtime or SIM-only plan, completely transforming the customer experience. See how Target helped a major UK mobile provider do just that.

Success for Target’s Mortgage Hub at the National Credit Awards 2021

We're delighted to announce that ‘Target Mortgage Hub’ has won 'Innovation Award of the Year' at the 2021 National Credit Awards!

5 ways banks can get ready for digital currencies

Following the European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to launch its own digital currency, Geraint Chamberlain, Product Director at Target Group, shares his top five tips on how banks can prepare for the rise of digital currencies.

How to implement self-service to supercharge your UX

What are the main considerations in helping to take self-service from concept to reality? Here’s our guide on how to successfully implement self-service and revolutionise your customer service.

Five ways self-service can transform your business

It's clear, self-service is now an expectation, and for firms wanting to provide a slick customer experience, it’s a not a nice to have, it’s a necessity. But undergoing digitalisation and doing it well isn’t without its challenges.

Target’s Mortgage Hub shortlisted for the National Credit Awards 2021

Target's 'Mortgage Hub' has been shortlisted for the Innovation Award of the Year in the 2021 National Credit Awards.

‘Customers want interconnected experiences, not just products’ warns Target Group’s Mark Gilliver

Gilliver calls for a change in mindset during keynote speech at the Building Societies Conference – putting customers at the heart of operations to improve user experience and unlock revenue streams.

Target Group sponsoring the Digital Leaders Impact Awards

We’re delighted to be one of the sponsors for the Digital Leaders Impact Awards.

To Digitise or To Digitalise?

Retail banking is in the throes of the most significant transformation since its creation in the 17th century. Technology is the main driving force behind the change, influencing consumer behaviours and expectations, as well as shaping a new regulatory agenda.

A Pivotal Moment for Business Lenders

Within the next 3-5 years, we will see a revolution in lending. A series of small changes will eventually cause large systematic change, but Covid-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation. It’s important to invest now to be prepared for the digital future.

Target in the top 3 in the Digital Leaders 100 Awards!

We’re thrilled that Target RPA has reached the top 3 in the AI Innovation of the Year category.

5 things lenders need to know about Generation Z and their approach to finance

Beth Collins, Solutions Lead at Target Group, examines what matters most to Generation Z when looking for financial products and providers.

Target Group shortlisted for the Digital Leaders 100 Awards

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted in the Digital Leaders 100 Awards in the AI Innovation of the Year category.

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: How it Works

In Executive TV’s programme ‘Digital Transformation: Clients & Consumers', Target Group, along with Entec SI and Fathom, discuss what digital transformation involves and why it will play a key part in any organisation's future.

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Target’s Business Development Director for Public Sector, Richard South, explains how Target Group can support the public sector in the digital transformation.

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) & Why Does It Matter?

You might have heard all about it as it grows in popularity, but what is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and why does it matter? We break it down in this post.

Don’t automate your problems – getting results from RPA in banking operations

In the new and exciting world of robotic process automation (RPA) the same kind of thing could be said – don’t automate your problems – yet today again many banks and financial services institutions are rushing headlong into digital programmes without considering what they are automating.

Can technology make consumer spending more ‘responsible’?

Charities are increasing their pressure on the finance industry to do more to protect its customers from their own spending. With Barclays introducing ways for its debit cards to be ‘switched off’ to certain types of spending, will we see such features extend further into all retail finance?