40 Years of Innovation

40 Years of Innovation!

Target Group is 40!

We’re kicking off celebrations this week, and as part of the fun we’re sharing 40 facts and stats about Target’s 40 year history. Keep a look our for our upcoming posts! We hope you enjoy a look back at some great achievements and meet some of our fantastic team.

Number 15

Did you know… We’ve conducted research looking at the next generation to become financial services consumers – Generation Z.

We discovered “they want to experience the security that a personal touch and one-to-one professional advice can provide, but they want it to be accessible at a time and place that suits them.”

Download the white paper to find out this latest generation’s thoughts on financial services products and providers.

Download the White Paper: Generation Z - fuelling disruption in financial services

Number 14

What a wonderful milestone to celebrate! Well done and thank you to Dan Ferris, Target’s Head of IT Operations and Support, for 20 years of service. What a different world IT must have been 20 years ago! Here’s Dan picking up his award from CEO Ian Larkin. Congratulations Dan!

Number 13

Did you know… Sophie Grant, HR Manager at Target, was named the Best HR Professional in Financial and Professional Services in Wales at the Wales HR Awards 2019? A fantastic achievement!

Darwin Gray’s Head of Employment Law and HR Fflur Jones said:
“Despite being relatively new to HR, Sophie has accomplished some outstanding achievements from upskilling, to reducing staff absence levels at a staggering rate. This was a truly deserved win, well done Sophie!”

You can read more about Sophie’s award here: https://www.targetgroup.com/latest-thinking/articles/targets-sophie-named-best-hr-professional-in-sector-at-wales-hr-awards

Number 12

We are proud to have worked closely with ALFAM Consumer Finance for an incredible 26 years! Over that time our core software has helped them run their business and this is what they had to say about our relationship:

Number 11

Here at Target, we love celebrating key milestones. As we turn 40 it’s great to congratulate our Long Service Employees! This month we have 5 people in our teams who have achieved 10 years working at Target. Well done and a huge thanks to Adam Lewis, Nigel Harris, Nigel Watkins (seen here receiving their awards from Steve Wright, Director of Business Change), Alison Bond and Simon Bromley!

Number 10

Hi, I’m Liam Williams, and I’m part of the ‘Multi-Cultural’ subgroup within the Diversity and Inclusion committee at Target. I’m passionate about encouraging and promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Target because I want to work for a Company where “being different” is celebrated and people are able share their stories and experiences. I also want to help drive the workforce to overcome stigmas and the negative connotations that still exist, and to be a part of a supportive, inclusive and educated work community, where people strive to help each other, as well as our customers.

Number 9

We welcome the opportunity to report our Gender Pay Gap figures. We like to be transparent about our gender pay difference and highlight the positive actions we as a Company can continue to take to ensure equal opportunities for all employees.

“As with most employers in our sector, our gap is driven by the imbalance of women in senior leadership, technical and professional fields. We recognise change will take time but by taking positive steps we aim to reduce these gaps.”
Rhiannon Williams, HR Director

Read more on our work to reduce our gender pay gap, and download our Gender Pay Gap Report


Number 8

Over our 40 year history, we’ve helped many Tier 1 banks to improve their operations efficiency. For example, we helped this Tier 1 bank to transform 8 processes (and counting) which resulted in:

  • 84% reduction in back office processing times
  • 64% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 80% reduction in manual intervention

Read more here

Number 7

Today (10th October 2019) is World Mental Health Day! We’re very proud of our wellbeing and mental health initiatives. Did you know… this year we trained 16 Mental Health First Aiders? You can read more here:

Mental health matters


Number 6

Did you know… Target Group is part of the Tech Mahindra global family.

£4bn multi-national specialist in digital transformation, Tech Mahindra, enables us to bring wider propositions and services to our clients, to enhance our deep knowledge and experience of the financial services sector.

Read more about Tech Mahindra here:

Target Group to be acquired by Tech Mahindra


Number 5

Did you know… Target has signed up to the Women in Finance Charter! We have committed to the following:

  • 50/50 by 2022 – We’re committed to increasing representation in our senior leadership team from 32% up to 50%
  • Our CEO, Ian Larkin, has performance related pay in relation to gender diversity
  • Our HR Director, Rhiannon Williams, is accountable for driving Diversity and Inclusion at Target, including gender diversity and closing the gender pay gap
  • We will report annually on our progress on all Diversity and Inclusion Measures, including gender

You can read more here:

Target’s Women in Finance Charter commitments


Number 4

Hi! I’m Matt, and as well as being HR Business Partner at Target since March 2017, I’m also Chair of our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and part of the LGBT+ subgroup. Creating a workplace that’s completely equal for everyone was a huge part of the reason that I moved into Human Resources and I’ve led Diversity and Inclusion activity ever since.

In my last role before joining Target I set up and chaired the company’s LGBT+ forum. Before that I worked with Trade Unions organising campaigns for LGBT+ rights, such as marriage equality and young people’s worker’s rights, like the removal of different minimum wage levels for younger people.

I’m also really pleased that our hard work has been recognised by Target’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative has just last week been announced as a finalist in the CIPD Wales Awards!

Number 3

Have you heard about Target’s award-winning solution for the DVLA? In just 18 weeks we developed and deployed a direct debit solution for vehicle tax payments. Over £5bn has been collected so far, with £175m collected in just one day!

Read more here:


Number 2

Did you know… Last year, Target employees raised £40,000 for charity, including over £25,000 for our sites’ chosen charities Mind, Save the Family, CHICS, Alzheimer’s Society and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Well done Team Target! Keep up the good work!

Number 1 

Where better to start celebrating 40 years of Innovation at Target than hearing from our longest serving employee, Selwyn George!

“I started work at Target in October 1980, having previously worked for Triton Trust, a computer bureau owned by a large firm of accountants, Mann Judd March. When Mann Judd March were taken over by a larger firm of accountants, some of the employees (most notably Chris Davis, Steve Rowson and Steve Royal) took the ongoing external work from Triton and set up a company called Genasys with Chris and the two Steves as the directors. Genasys was renamed Target a few years later. I joined Genasys as a Computer Operator/Trainee Programmer in October 1980. In the beginning we were a jobbing software house/computer bureau/data prep agency that did everything from stock control systems, to sales/purchase ledgers, building society systems (borrowers and investors), to a travel agency package and a payroll package. Part of the business was data prep (manually keying data onto floppy disks), and the name Target actually came from a data prep company we bought in London when we found out that the name Genasys actually belonged to another company.

“After a while, the government started to de-regulate the mortgage market, and we were asked to write a mortgage system for an American bank called Chemical Bank, and to tag an application processing system on to the front of it. This system was very successful, so we started to specialise in financial systems, branching out into other types lending, not just mortgages. And after a few iterations, we arrived at the Centrac system that we all know and love today. Over the years I have been an RPG Programmer, Business Analyst, Project Manager and A BI Consultant, but I am currently working as a Product Consultant as part of the Business Solutions team.”