Meet our expert, Geraint Chamberlain

Target wouldn’t be Target without its fantastic experts.

This week, meet Geraint Chamberlain.

What do you like best about working at Target? What’s your best memory of working at Target?

The people – working with so many extremely knowledgeable colleagues to shape and deliver solutions to our clients.

Best memories? Having worked for Target for 27 years there are so many! From playing in a Computer Weekly 5-a-side football tournament at Highbury, to the buzz of delivering large scale transformational programmes of work.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The diversity.  Working with so many different clients across different sectors means that no two days are the same.

What would you want someone to know coming into this role?

The rewards and highs that are experienced from the role make the challenges along the way very worthwhile.

What are some of your favourite hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy running, but at the moment it’s perhaps more plodding than running! With two young sons I’m kept very busy. I’m currently teaching my eldest to play the cornet to hopefully follow in my musical footsteps. I enjoy spending time with my family, particularly on regular (and hopefully frequent) visits to Cornwall.

What’s your ‘target’ in life/work?

Across all aspects of my life, both professionally and personally, I try to be the best possible version of me that I can be. Also, being a role model for my children, supporting them in whatever they choose to do.

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