In a Nutshell, Daksh Kapoor

Meet our expert, Daksh Kapoor

Target wouldn’t be Target without its fantastic experts.

This week, meet Daksh Kapoor.

What do you like best about working at Target? What’s your best memory of working at Target?

The uniqueness of each day. The opportunity to question the status quo and the ability to challenge it. Looking for improvements is something that pushes me to give 100% each day.

2020 was a tough year, and I was proud to see Target adapting to the changing market, customers’ and employees’ needs at a great pace.

What would you want someone to know coming into this role?

Join us if you want to be a part of a market-leading global brand, if you like the opportunity to influence change and learn about various aspects within the financial services industry, and if you like a fast paced and dynamic environment. Target has recently been awarded the Investors in People standard which speaks for itself. The employee focus is the centre of what we do to ensure great customer experience for our customers and clients.

What are the values that drive you?

Personally for me ‘keeping my promises’ holds a high value and it’s great to see it reflects in Target’s work culture.

What was your first job?

My first job was with GE  in the collections and recoveries department for various US-based private label credit card companies.

What are some of your favourite hobbies outside of work? What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

If I’m not working I would be spending time with my family. I enjoy playing cricket with my kids, however at times, I find it tough to convince them to go outdoors. I have picked up a lot of DIY skills (which I didn’t think I had) during the lockdown and I have painfully come to the realisation that the time shown in the YouTube videos for DIY might not match with reality.

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