Painting volunteers from Target

Target Group employees help local school to create new art space

A group of willing volunteers from Target Group donned their DIY clothes today to help local school, Tredegar Park Primary School in Newport, South Wales to create a new art, design and technology space for the pupils. The “Creative Cwtsh” is designed to support children in the development of their creativity, so it was important that the room was ready for them to get stuck in!

The group from Target spent the day painting the room, which has saved the school valuable funds which are instead going to be used to buy resources for Maths lessons.

The Head Teacher of the school said, “I wanted to personally thank the volunteers for their work. They did a brilliant job and saved the school a lot of money. With the work that was carried out, the senior managers were able to turn the space into a ‘Creative Cwtsh’ which can now be used for Art and Design and Technology lessons. The children have already commented on how much better it looks! With the money that the volunteers saved us, we were able to purchase much needed practical Maths resources for our Foundation Phase children.”