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Target Group teams to volunteer at local Alzheimer’s Society centre

Alzheimer’s Society is the chosen charity for staff at our Newport, South Wales office. We have a number of volunteer activities scheduled for the coming months, which teams from our Newport office will be taking part in.

First of all we have a team shadowing a Community Fundraiser on 13th February 2019 at their Mamhilad, Pontypool offices. The volunteers from Target will shadow Alzheimer’s Society Fundraisers in their role, as well as meeting other staff members at the centre.

Secondly, we have a team of volunteers attending the Alzheimer’s Society Day Centre on 6th March 2019. During this day our volunteers will be meeting and supporting the centre’s service users, and taking part in the activities planned for that day. This usually includes things like arts and crafts, quizzes and a good old fashioned sing-a-long!

Watch this space for an update later in the year.