Time To Talk Day 2020

Time To Talk Day 2020

At Target, we take the mental health of our employees very seriously, so we took part in Time To Talk Day 2020 to help challenge the stigma around mental health. Our teams were encouraged to start up conversations with each other to find out how they are doing, and offer support.

Those conversations were fuelled with biscuits. After all, what’s better than chatting over a cuppa and a biscuit?

People were also encouraged to make a pledge on how they would help change attitudes to mental health.

And we shared Top Tips for starting a conversation about Mental Health:

  • Ask twice – “How are you?” “Yeah, fine” “No really, is everything OK?” Ask how someone is and really listen to the answer. Let them know you’re there if they want to talk.
  • Think about the time & place – There’s no perfect place to have a conversation around mental health but try to be aware of your surroundings, and find a safe space for an open conversation.
  • Don’t try and fix it – It can be a long journey for someone suffering with mental health problems and there’s often no quick fix, it might be best just to listen.
  • Be patient – Some people might not be ready to talk and that’s ok. You’ve let them know you’re there for them and that is what’s important.

Our employees were also reminded of the support that’s available to them. Target works with Unum, who provide free confidential advice for employees and their families. They were also reminded of Target’s Mental Health First Aiders, who are trained and available for help and support, across all Target sites.