Get ahead of the game.

Take your products to market quickly and safely, with Elderbridge’s Lender of Record service.

Find a safe home for your loan portfolio investment by migrating the portfolio to Elderbridge.

We’ll manage your portfolio and handle the regulatory burden.

Experienced Lender of Record

As an FCA regulated Lender of Record, Elderbridge helps lenders take their new products to market quickly, and with confidence.

For lenders who don’t yet have FCA permissions for loans or mortgages, or haven’t got the skills and infrastructure in house to administer the loans

Our FCA permissions mean we take on the regulated responsibility for your loans and mortgages, letting you focus on what you do best.

A proven track record

  • Enhanced SMCR firm
  • Expertise in vulnerable customer support
  • All types of lending covered including MCOB and CCA
  • Personal, commercial and Buy to Let experience
  • Performing and non-performing loans

Expert master servicing

Avoid the hassle of complex and time-consuming migrations, with Elderbridge’s master servicing:

  • Easier to manage administration with one experienced master servicer
  • Expert support with portfolio trades
  • Benefit from a large pool of expertise, to service at scale and adapt to demand
  • Keep all regulatory permissions in one place

Speedy originations

We enable quick lending.

Grow your business quickly and confidently. It can be time-consuming and costly to take new products to market, especially if you’re a new entrant to the market.

  • Get started quickly
  • All regulatory permissions in place
  • Beat the competition to the market
  • From origination through to redemption

We’re regulated to carry out the following in the UK:

  • Administrating a regulated mortgage contract
  • Advising on regulated mortgage contracts
  • Arranging regulated mortgage contracts
  • Entering into a regulated mortgage contract as a lender
  • Making arrangements with a view to regulated mortgage contracts
  • Credit broking
  • Debt administration
  • Debt collecting
  • Entering into regulated credit agreement as a lender
  • Exercising the right to exercise lender’s rights and duties under a regulated credit agreement
  • Agreeing to carry on a regulated activity

Our clients include

Elderbridge is a wholly owned subsidiary of Target Group Ltd.