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Helping lenders to reduce their costs, while satisfying the ever-changing servicing needs of their client base

Are you looking for innovative lending software that enables you to service the needs of your clients across a wide range of loan types?

In this evolving market our leading loan and mortgage platform enables you to diversify rapidly, maximise portfolio insight and value, whilst mitigating your risk.

Delivering the best possible customer experience is key

Today, customer experience is key to promote loyalty and establish long term profitable relationships. Customers are wanting flexibility in terms of their borrowing as well as how they access and manage their accounts via channels that are appropriate to their needs. Lenders need to balance delivering the best possible customer service, in a cost-effective way whilst managing risk and staying ahead of their competitors. Our platform manages the end to end customer journey across a wide range of asset classes including both unsecured and secured lending products.

Loan and Mortgage Origination

Loan and Mortgage Origination

Having the flexibility to adapt to ever changing market conditions is critical to the success of your business.

Today you need the flexibility to rapidly launch new products with competitive rates and provide excellent service to your customers and your introducers.

  • Our multi-channel originations module supports the capture of applications from introducers, call centres, the web and your branch networks from initial enquiry through to fund disbursement and loan activation.

  • Creation and launch of new products is simplified through our highly configurable platform.

  • Accurate insight into the performance of your portfolio is key to understanding and adapting credit risk. Our provision of managing information will empower you to rapidly adapt to ever changing market conditions.

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Customer Account Management

Customer Account Management

Once funds have been disbursed, management of the customer and their account passes to our leading Account Management module.

Our multi-channel Account Management module is highly scalable and supports a broad range of product features through configuration. This flexibility means that offerings can be tailored to meet the needs of your customer base.

Managing the customer journey through to redemption and closure, we enable you to drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs by:

  • Providing on-line facilities for customers to manage their accounts

  • Providing an agent portal that provides rapid access to all customer and account related information enabling informed customer interactions and reducing call handling times

  • Promoting automation wherever possible meaning that agents can focus on value-add activities

Our granular level of financial data held within the account management module provides flexibility in terms of reporting satisfying funder and securitisation reporting requirements.

Arrears Management and Collections

Arrears Management and Collections

In a regulatory landscape where strengthening your arrears management is essential, you need a system that efficiently collects your overdue loan and mortgage payments. Our collections module manages your entire lifecycle from identifying early repayment problems, managing delinquency through to debt recovery and litigation.

The nature of the arrears position drives the account into one of a number of configurable strategies. High levels of automation allow a host of time-consuming activities to be completed more efficiently without your team’s manual intervention.

Where intervention is required, workflow allocates cases to the appropriate agent based upon skillset and mandate to promote the agreement of the appropriate customer outcome at the earliest possible time.

Major financial institutions and utilities including Secure Trust Bank, Welcome Finance and Yorkshire Water rely on our collections software, find out how today 0845 650 6200 or download our case studies.

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“Since adopting Target's Lending Software solutions, it has helped us reduce IT costs by over 70%, as well as mitigate our risk.” Welcome Finance

Leading brands rely upon our technology

We are not a typical software solutions provider

Through our specialist BPO division, we are users of our own technology. This provides valuable operational and market insight that ensures that our technology remains aligned with ever changing market conditions.

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