Portfolio Trading

Supporting organisations in both managing and maximising asset value, driving outstanding performance, with high standards of compliance.

Portfolio Trading Support

If you’re considering buying, selling or holding loan portfolios we have the knowledge, insight and experience to support you in both managing and maximising value from your assets. We drive outstanding portfolio performance, with high standards of compliance, and deliver seamless migrations across the widest range of asset classes in the market.

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Our experience

We have extensive experience across the whole portfolio lifecycle gained from investing, servicing and reporting on both our own portfolios and those of major international banks.

We are one of the UK’s leading loan servicing providers trusted by over 50 major financial institutions:

  • Over 39 years of experience with in house software solutions

  • 18 Million accounts are managed through our systems

  • 250,000 fully serviced accounts currently under management

  • £400 Million of arrears collected each year

As a minimum we understand the importance of delivering on time and on budget. But we aim to go further to exceed your expectations and increase value.  We are proud of our 100% success in portfolio migration and our arrears performance.

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An extra level of buyer value

We offer portfolio buyers and owners a range of professional services that can help you enter new markets quickly, assess a portfolio’s value and take away the burden of regulatory responsibility.

Our analytical expertise offers valuable insight for portfolio valuation and driving improved collection rates. Our work in the purchase, sale, securitisation and servicing of portfolios can support you in areas including pricing, assumption validation, due diligence, benchmarking, post acquisition, embedding reviews and remediation.

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Servicing support

We support portfolio buyers and owners with a range of primary servicing, special servicing and standby servicing options for your portfolio.  We offer the widest loan servicing proposition for consumer and commercial loan products in the UK  with over £24bn assets under management on our systems.

Standard and Poor’s have rated us “Above Average” for primary servicing and “Average” for special servicing, giving you the confidence we can deliver to an industry expected standard

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Trusted by leading financial serving companies

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