What does the future hold for new entrants to the UK mortgage market?

The UK economy is emerging from the financial instability that has characterised the past few years. The mortgage market is moving back to growth, with the Council of Mortgage Lenders predicting that volumes will rise further during 2014, potentially reaching £200billion.

The EU Mortgage Credit Directive: An uncertain future for Buy to Let?

The announcement last month of plans to regulate buy-to-let (BTL) lending as part of the EU Mortgage Credit Directive has left many in the mortgage world scratching their heads.

Target announces smooth MMR transition

Following Saturday’s MMR deadline, Target Group, the financial services outsourcing and software provider, announces today that it had a smooth transition to the new MMR regulations, having been ‘MMR ready’ ahead of the deadline.

Scottish independence – can we cope with more change?

Whatever views one might have about political and economic ramifications, it is clear that most of the industry would not welcome the huge amount of work required to unpick a financial union that has been in place since 1707. In the mortgage market in particular concerns have been raised about how mortgages could be denominated and regulated were the union to be dissolved.

New beginnings and new entrants

As the UK economy emerges from the financial instability that has tainted the past few years, the mortgage market is showing strong recovery signs. The market is finally settling down after a few years of turbulence, consumer and lender confidence is returning with a flourish.

Outsourcing supports good lending

Over the past seven years, the financial services industry has experienced significant change and upheaval. Despite this, one constant has remained; the use of outsourcing. So with all the transformation and turmoil, why is it that lenders still favour outsourcing?

The importance of arrears strategy in the post MMR world

With the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) last month, the main challenge for lenders has been how to comply with regulation effectively whilst still delivering excellent customer service and retaining their competitive advantage.

Standby Servicing shouldn’t be left out in the cold

Since the financial crisis, standby servicing has played an increasingly important role in reassuring investors. As a result, lenders who have not ring fenced their back office functions have felt the heat to have a robust standby servicing provision in place.