Customer Remediation Support

Expertise, robust management and governance

If your business is engaged in activities that come under the control of a regulator and you are required to undertake a programme of customer remediation, you may benefit from our class-leading remediation services. We have the expertise, robust management and governance to enable you to quickly respond, in line with regulatory requirements.

Customer Remediation in Financial Services

Engaging the right provider to deliver your customer remediation programme is key. We work with you closely to understand your circumstances and to quickly implement a redress programme that delivers the right customer outcomes.

We already support a number of businesses with financial remediation. Our remediation services span a variety of products including investments, structured products and loans, with the delivery of large scale customer contact and redress exercises in response to proactive regulatory reviews or enforcement.

We are able to deliver high quality projects quickly whilst providing robust end-to-end solutions, underpinned by our regulatory understanding and expertise.

The Benefits of Customer Remediation Support to Your Business

  • Risk Mitigation: We can support you in responding rapidly to proactive regulatory reviews or to the regulator.
  • Cost Efficiency: We have the resources and infrastructure to help you avoid expensive set-up and recruitment costs. We can offer flexible pricing arrangements to suit your business.
  • Speed: We are able to react quickly and efficiently to develop and deliver a tailored solution which will deliver high quality results. We have recently delivered a large-scale investment remediation programme with a lead time of less than six weeks.
  • Expertise: Our specialist team has a wide range of experience working with both customers and the regulator to develop and deliver highly effective remediation programmes.
  • Diversity: we are able to support a diverse product range including investment, loans and mortgages and general insurance.

How We Can Support You

  1. Consultation and advice on developing a robust remediation programme.
  2. Expert support on root cause analysis from our dedicated consultancy team.
  3. Provision of high-quality professional customer contact and fulfilment solutions.
  4. Clear, robust management information throughout the process.
  5. Training and development support, should you wish to maintain elements of the process in-house.

Why Target Group?

We are a leading provider of remediation services and support, enabling our clients to react swiftly and compliantly to any remediation challenges. Our team is made up of specialists in regulatory risk, who have a range of experience in roles assessing, maintaining and developing robust compliance frameworks. As a regulated entity, we are also able to share our best practice recommendations and can apply a view based on our own knowledge and experience.

Contact us today to find out how we can implement a redress programme that delivers the right customer outcomes.