Data Analytics Services

Across a range of industries, data analytics are helping businesses to become smarter, more productive, and better at making predictions.

Analysing these at a functional level constrains your thinking, but piecing these data sets together opens new opportunities to extract potential value such as understanding customer journeys, designing customer segmentation models and enhancing pricing.

If you lack the capacity to implement an in-house data management strategy or run your own financial data analytics, we can help.

We can support you with:

  • General portfolio reporting – we can assess performance trends, identify risk segments and highlight future areas of focus for your portfolios.
  • In-depth portfolio analysis (one-off or regular analysis of data provided for externally managed portfolios).
  • Business forecasting – facilitating proactive capacity planning.
  • Data cuts and reporting – provision of reporting for third parties (e.g. credit reference agencies).
  • Self-servicing capability – providing online and mobile solutions for receipt of arrears payments.
  • Consultancy to identify and implement intelligent arrears management strategies for your portfolios.
  • Identifying portfolio trends for early arrears forecasting.
  • Pricing loan pools for servicing as a part of a bid process.
  • Data scrubbing for accuracy and conformity to your specified criteria.

The Benefits of Data Analytics Services

Business Strategy 
Converting data into meaningful insight allows you to improve decision making, raise productivity and ultimately drive competitive advantage.

Improved Efficiency
Understanding data trends allows you to refine your customer journeys, transactions and improve overall business efficiency.

The analysis and outputs can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements as a single report or on a more regular basis.

Why Target Group?

We are a leading provider of data analytics services and support, enabling our clients to operate more efficiently and swiftly bring products to market whilst managing risk. Our operational intelligence team have significant experience in working with and manipulating data to provide insight and drive business results. We have deep experience of delivering this to support on both our own portfolios and those of our customers.

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