Data Integrity

Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data is often one of the biggest challenges our sector faces. Having an independent third party assessment of the accuracy of your data is essential for your portfolio decision making and for risk mitigation.

Our data integrity service will provide a thorough analysis of loans and other secured mortgage related debt. We will provide you with a clear picture of the quality of loans and other secured mortgage related debt allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Our expert review team will deliver a forensic audit to provide you with consistent, reliable data that maximises the value achieved for a portfolio on sale or securitisation.

How we can support your business

1. Provision of a tailored suite of exception reports, designed for each specific portfolio.
2. Reports run regularly at intervals to suit your individual business requirements.
3. A detailed data audit to identify any outstanding operational actions, completeness of processing and inconsistent data.

Benefits to your business

Error identification and remedy
Quickly and efficiently highlight issues arising from processing errors, configuration errors and outstanding operation actions.

Expert Analysis
An expert review team with in depth experience of analysing and reporting on loan portfolios.

Outsourcing these checks to Target removes the workload and allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Risk Mitigation
Swift identification and remediation of problem data.

Why Target Group?

We are a leading provider of data integrity analysis enabling our clients to operate more efficiently and manage risk. Target Group operates internationally, building on over 40+ years’ specialist expertise.

Our process is managed by individuals with significant expertise and understanding in undertaking data integrity checks, delivering detailed reports bespoke for your business. Our experience in delivering this work for both our clients and our own portfolios, gives us a unique insight into the process.

Data Integrity – The Facts

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h Data Integrity Fact Sheet

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