Legal Title Management

How we can support you

Legal title can be transferred to us to provide you with a highly flexible framework to allow you to restructure a portfolio in the future should you wish to (for example for securitisation).

  • Automated bulk transfer and registration of legal title at land registry.
  • Automated bulk communication with borrowers on change of legal owner.
  • Automated bulk DD transfer.
  • Enquiry service for all post transfer borrower queries.
  • Creation of ring-fenced legal entity to hold title.
  • FCA reporting and complaints handling.
  • Web based risk and compliance dashboard for client login.
  • Compliant administration and reporting process to FCA guidelines.
  • Obtaining trustee consent on securitised portfolios.
  • Handling all process for change of control requirements on closed books.

This facility is available for our servicing clients on closed portfolios, regardless of whether the loans are on balance sheet or in a securitisation.

Benefits to your business

Manage Risk
Mitigate a significant portion of the compliance and regulatory risk allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Servicer Shares Risk with Client
An alternative to capital investment from your servicing partner ensures a true vested interest in your collateral.

Our process is managed by Target risk and compliance experts who already enforce the latest FCA regulatory processes that our clients require as part of their day to day activity.

Reduced requirement for internal compliance and governance resource.

Why Target Group?

We are a specialist provider of loan servicing enabling our clients to put workable strategies in place to deal with future market challenges. Target Group operates internationally, building upon over 40 years’ specialist expertise.

Our team is made up of experts, who have a depth of experience in regulatory oversight and implementation. We are able to share out best practice recommendations based on our knowledge and experience of managing Target’s portfolios along with a number for our clients.

Legal Title Transfer – The Facts

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h Legal Title Transfer Fact Sheet

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