Shortfall Debt Recovery

Mitigating your financial loss from foreclosure shortfall

A foreclosure process and repossession can often mean the end of your servicing lifecycle. Yet successful recovery of any shortfall debt is dramatically increased if you have immediate dialogue with the debtor.

Working with an experienced third party provider can enhance your revenue streams and help your shortfall recovery rates fall by a third for debt aged over 15 months. Having an ongoing shortfall programme ensures you can start immediate dialogue with the debtor, or begin a recovery plan for legacy shortfall debts.

How we can support you

1. Unsecured shortfall loans available for borrowers.
2. Debtor specific repayment plans.
3. Tracing agents and debt counsellors.
4. Cash recovery analysis and reporting.
5. Matrix of services and prices to suit the client’s debt portfolio.
6. Flexible resource and cost, allowing clients the ability to increase or decrease activity as required.
7. Regulatory compliant oversight function.
8. Analysis, pricing and recovery forecasting of new or legacy shortfall portfolio data.
9. Litigation services and legal advisory team.

Benefits to your business

Enhanced revenue stream
Discounted or ignored cash flow from debt recovery can mitigate lost revenue, or offset against other liabilities such as unpaid ground rent.

Peace of mind
Ongoing relationship ensures flexible resource in the event of negative market changes.

Our process is managed by experts with significant experience in defining and delivering integrated shortfall programmes.

Why Target Group?

We are a specialist provider of shortfall debt recovery enabling our clients to put workable strategies in place to deal with future market challenges. Target Group operates internationally, building upon 40+ years’ specialist experience.

Shortfall Debt Recovery – The Facts

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h Shortfall Debt Recovery Fact Sheet

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