Achieving good business resilience in financial services

Businesses of all types are vulnerable to disruption, either from a malicious or accidental source. This threat of disruption is becoming increasingly complex and intense thanks to developments in technology and an increasingly hostile cyber environment. But how should firms prepare? In this video, Target’s Risk and Compliance Director, Terry Baxter, explores how businesses can achieve good business resilience.

Omni-channel digital distribution in insurance

Deliver the next generation of personalised omni-channel digital distribution in insurance with Target’s IF Channel. Consumers in today’s market are confused and disengaged with many insurers’ digital offerings according to research by Target Group. Find out how to deliver the personalised digital experience that consumers expect, and deserve.

Operating efficiently in an evolving banking industry

The banking industry is constantly evolving. Adapting to new regulation, bringing new products to market and mitigating risk are all key business challenges. Find out how Target Group provides support, consultancy and assurance to help financial services businesses operate efficiently within a changing landscape.

Automated loan and mortgage processes with Target Bluechip

Do you struggle to manage increased volumes of loans and mortgages? Do you want to diversify into new product and market areas? Find out how you can transform your new business management with Target Bluechip

Target Group Graduate Scheme

Find out what it’s like to join Target Group’s Graduate Scheme, from our very own graduates!