Webinar – Lenders, get rid of your BBLS hangover

This is a must-see webinar for people working in Operations, Customer Service/Experience, Collections and Product Management, in the 28 lenders participating in the scheme.

You will discover the 3 Key Strategies for handling the aftermath of the BBLS, including segmentation, reporting and Open Banking.

The self-certified loans were approved and issued quickly, but was best practice followed? What problems will this cause for lenders when repayments start in May 2021?

With BBLS repayments looming, we explored:

  • The sheer scale of the BBLS challenge in numbers
  • What lenders can expect in the coming months and years
  • 3 key strategies for getting rid of the BBLS hangover

Your hosts for the webinar are:

  • Mark Gilliver from financial services BPO Target Group
  • Chris O’Driscoll from Open Banking provider DirectID
  • Guy Statter from Debt Management Software Solutions & Services provider Qualco