Get up to date with financial services risk and compliance news with Target's December 2018 Risk & Compliance Bulletin

It’s a field that’s ever-changing, and can be difficult to keep up to date with. Our latest Bulletin is designed to help you understand the risk and compliance landscape in the financial services sector.

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In this month’s Bulletin you’ll discover:

  • FCA publications on cyber and technology resilience in UK financial services
  • Treasury Committee launches inquiry into IT failures in the financial services sector
  • The Financial Stability Board has published a cyber lexicon for the financial sector
  • The Treasury Committee launches an enquiry into consumer access to financial services
  • FCA consults on fair pricing in financial services
  • FCA provides an update to the Treasury Committee on the financial services register
  • FCA review of Retail and Wholesale banks whistleblowing arrangements
  • FCA publishes an EU Withdrawal impact assessment
  • FCA finalises guidance on regular premium PPI complaints and recurring non-disclosure of commission and consults on proposed mailing requirements
  • BOE speech on the impact of climate change on financial sustainability
December 2018 Risk & Compliance News Bulletin