Are you ready to become GDPR compliant?

Everywhere we turn there seems to be another webinar, breakfast briefing or whitepaper on GDPR, all promising to shed light on what organisations practically need to do to become compliant ahead of May 2018.
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GDPR toolkit

We started our GDPR journey in 2016 so we have already made sense of legislation and now you can download our GDPR Toolkit.

How will you deliver compliance?

GDPR creates another investment burden at a time when revenues are under pressure and cost income ratios are in the spotlight. A structured and systematic approach is essential, with so much to do and a fast approaching May deadline it’s critical to reflect on your approach and challenge if its heading in the right direction.

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What will you takeaway from our short and easy guide on GDPR compliance?

A view on an effective approach to achieving GDPR compliance

An understanding of how to approach GDPR in a structured and systematic way

A knowledge of recognising and overcoming practical GDPR delivery challenges

GDPR process

How will you deliver GDPR compliance?

People Policy & Process

Organisation & Governance: Defined data protection accountabilities, supporting policies and governance forum.

People Capability: People are trained, processes tuned for GDPR and the organisation is data and insight literate.

Data Access: Clear controls to only hold and access the data required.

GDPR for the customer


Extended Responsibilities: Ensuring Third Party partners are operating an effective GDPR regime, safeguarding personal data.

Customer Experience: Effective handling of subject rights requests, responsive, transparent and focused on good outcomes.

Rights Notifications: Effective communication advising on GDPR impacts.

GDPR & technology


Customer facing functionality: Effective management of consent & subject rights activity.

Personal Data life cycle: Effective tracking, movement, quality management and deletion.

Cyber Security: Robust perimeter fence providing protection from cyber crime.

GDPR Compliance: Safeguarding <br> personal data Thumbnail

Safeguarding personal data in a responsible and compliant way

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