Gender Pay Gap Report
Our commitment

Our commitment

Target welcomes the opportunity to report our Gender Pay Gap figures and to be transparent about our gender pay difference. As a Company, we continue to take positive actions to reduce this gap and ensure opportunities for all colleagues.

Our ambition

Our ambition

Our aim is to reduce our Gender Pay Gap and we have formulated a multi-faceted approach to allow us to build on and work towards fulfilling this goal.

Our results have been calculated using the required snapshot date of 5th April 2023 and have been independently verified.

While we recognise the median gap is greater than last year, at 12.55% ONS data showed an average of 27.9% which means we’re still below the market average. We're focused on our goal to close the gender pay gap by the end of 2025. We know this isn’t going to be easy but we are committed to the steps required to get there; leading the way in the industry.

We’re lucky to have passionate women and allies in Target leading the gender pay action plan.

Gareth Roach
Chief People Officer, Target
Gareth Roach, Chief People Officer at Target Group
Our progress

Our progress

  • 28.58%

    Mean Gender Pay Gap

    Finance and Insurance industry mean average is 24.7%*

  • 12.55% 

    Median Gender Pay Gap

    Finance and insurance industry median average is 27.9%*

Closing the gap

Our further plans to close the gap

female colleagues working together

Women in Target network

Our women’s network, 'Women in Target' (WinT) which is led by Michelle Garrard, Head of Talent, continues to work on addressing the gender pay gap, and creating development opportunities for our colleagues.

Partnering with Chwarae Teg

We continue to work with Chwarae Teg to support the development of Women in Wales and secured six places for the Evolving Leaders Programme in 2021 (ILM Level 5). 

Women in Finance Charter

We continue to work towards our pledges as part of the Women in Finance Charter.

We embrace diversity and Inclusion

We’ve launched company wide Diversity and Inclusion training, which encompasses key topics across the core areas of D+I, including Gender and Gender Equality. 

Peer to peer learning through 'IAMRemarkable'

We’ve recently launched coaching and peer to peer learning via the #IAmRemarkable group. We’re developing a leadership and mentoring programme for all colleagues across all levels in the company – making sure that everyone has opportunity to reach their potential.

Collaborating for success

We build relationships across our networks, with other businesses, our community and our supply chain to champion Gender Equality.