The Problem

Navigating complexity, unleashing potential

In today's ever-evolving finance landscape, operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and tech innovation are non-negotiables for success. But here's the hitch: without the right resources, bringing these goals to life can feel like an uphill battle. That's where we come in.

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Resource augmentation, explained

Resource augmentation involves enhancing existing resources or adding new ones to improve performance and achieve organisational objectives. These resources may include workforce, technology, infrastructure, or expertise. The primary aim is to bridge gaps in capacity, skills, or resources to meet specific requirements or overcome challenges. 

Our solutions

Our solutions

You may choose to use your technology combined with our people skills or tap into our professional services and expertise. Either way, by enhancing efficiency, scalability, and expertise, we ensure that you're equipped to tackle the dynamic demands of the modern market. 

We understand that your needs are constantly evolving. That's why our approach is flexible and adaptable, designed to seamlessly integrate with your changing objectives and requirements. Whether it's scaling up to meet a surge in demand or pivoting to embrace emerging trends, we've got you covered.

Our resource augmentation solutions give you:

  • Access to specialised expertise. Allowing you to tap into a diverse talent pool

  • Access to innovation. Infusing cutting-edge innovation into your daily operations

  • Flexibility and scalability. Allowing you to scale up or down to meet demand.

  • Cost efficiency. Helping you to optimise cost structures based on demand

  • Risk insights. Access to a team of specialists well-versed in compliance and risk management

  • Speed to Market. Helping you expedite delivery or products and services

  • Global reach. Through our access to exceptional international resources.

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When to use it

When to consider resource augmentation

Whether your resource augmentation needs arise from maximising your technology, leveraging our people skills, or a need to quickly access professional expertise, the following scenarios highlight when outsourcing could be the answer:

Extend team quickly

During periods of rapid growth or sudden spikes in workload, outsourcing provides a flexible solution to meet increased demands without the long-term commitments of hiring additional staff.

Tap into specialist skillsets

When faced with specialist projects or tasks requiring niche expertise such as regulatory compliance, risk management, or technological advancements, which can not be met in-house.

Time-bound needs

You may only need temporary resources for a specific time and need to stand these up quickly to respond to new opportunities or meet peaks and troughs or seasonal demands.

A need for control

Resource augmentation can provide a flexible partnership model. While outsourcing certain tasks or processes, you maintain full oversight and decision-making authority regarding project direction, timelines, and quality standards.

Mobilise strategic initiatives

Access to FCA-regulated and specialist expertise in compliance, digital transformation, lending, originations and more means you can fast-track initiatives without the delays associated with traditional hiring processes or internal skill development.

Cost efficiency

Outsourcing resource augmentation can often be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team for specialised tasks or projects. By leveraging the resources of a BPO partner, you can avoid the overhead costs associated with recruiting, training, and retaining full-time employees.

Why choose us

Why choose Target

We understand that outsourcing elements of your business can feel risky, like relinquishing control.


However, you can trust Target to deliver, as we do consistently for over 30 recognised clients across financial services, public sector, telecomms and more. We always prioritise transparency, reliability, and your peace of mind.

That's not all!

  • Over 40 years industry experience and expertise

  • Cultural alignment informs our BPO solutions

  • We can leverage Tech Mahindra on a global scale

  • We're an FCA regulated business.

Case studies

Success stories

Discover why clients opt for resource augmentation and choose to partner with us for success. Explore our case studies ranging from collections servicing to remediation and software deployment. Hit the download button below each image to discover more.

Where we can help

Winning together with tailored solutions

Our expert solutions can be tailored to enhance your business operations and unique needs. Dive into our resource augmentation offerings designed to streamline processes, boost efficiency and amplify your success!

Lending BPO

We deliver comprehensive loan and mortgage servicing for more consumer and commercial loan products than any other loan servicer in the UK. 

Investments BPO

We deliver expert and comprehensive investments servicing for consumer and commercial investments.

Digital transformation

We combine Target Group’s FCA-regulated financial services, customer servicing and platform expertise with the digital transformation and infrastructure excellence of our parent, Tech Mahindra.

Payment collections

For collection services that deliver with heart as well as smarts, look no further. Our flexible collections and arrears services are proven to cut operational costs and improve customer retention.

IT and Managed Services

Through our technology enabled partnerships it’s now possible to have customer centric solutions all in one place. Simplifying the transformation journey and creating opportunities to scale and experiment.