Risk and Compliance
The pace of change

The pace of change

If you struggle to keep up to date with a fast-moving regulatory landscape, you're not alone!

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  • 45%

    of UK IT professionals view regulation and compliance as the greatest barrier to digital transformation*

    *In a recent survey from IBM

  • 43%

    of respondents cited data security concerns as the most significant barrier to digital transformation


Don't just react; be a change pioneer

Staying on top of regulations won’t just help you to achieve compliance, it can also present strategic opportunities for your business. Agility is key, being able to respond quickly to change can give your business a crucial advantage. That’s where we come in.

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In compliance we trust

We know a thing or two about compliance at Target. With over 40 years of experience as a specialist provider of financial services, we’ve got the expertise to give you peace of mind. We're FCA regulated so all our products and services are underpinned by bank-grade risk and compliance standards.

  • Consultation on regulatory changes and industry developments

  • Guidance on emerging issues

  • Consultation on compliant business processes

  • Internal audit services

  • ISAE3402

  • Anti Money Laundering (ALM) reporting

  • Financial crime prevention

  • Risk reporting

Reassurance and efficiency

Risk Mitigation

Minimise the risk of regulatory fines and enforcement. Protect your business from reputational risk. It’s vital for you to compete in the marketplace, and crucial in the “always on” super-connected social and digital world.  

Cost efficiency

We'll help you reduce disruption and costs of maintaining regulatory compliance. Streamlining the process and outsourcing to experts frees up time and resources in your business, so you can direct them where they're needed the most.

Business Opportunity

Identify and maximise competitive and strategic opportunities from regulatory change. We're constantly horizon scanning and can help you stay ahead of the curve so you can take your business to the next level.

Peace of mind

Remove the stress and complexity of keeping on top of a myriad of changes, we take care of it, so you don't have to. Our team of experts provide independent assurance and benchmarking of your regulatory compliance regime. 

The Target difference
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The Target difference

Our team is made up of specialists in regulatory risk, with a diverse and deep range of experience in roles assessing, maintaining, and developing robust compliance frameworks. 

As an FCA-regulated business, we walk the walk. So, we're perfectly placed to share our best practice recommendations in regulatory reporting with you, bringing a view that's based on our own, hard earned, knowledge and experience.