Mortgage Hub - The future is now!

Mortgage Hub - The future is now!

Mortgage Hub is set to revolutionise the mortgage application process for lenders, brokers and customers. Mortgage Hub is the mortgage solution fit for the 21st century. It's digital by-design, white-labelled and customer-centric. Our mortgage origination platform is ready to disrupt the mortgage process as we know it. Are you ready?

The customer conundrum
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The customer conundrum

Customers expect more. They want things to be easy. Straightforward. End to end. They want to choose how, when and where they interact with business and service providers, and on what device.

Organisations want satisfied customers. They want to exceed their expectations; it’s how they build loyalty. They also want reduced operating costs and increased revenues.  To achieve this, they need agile and flexible systems that evolve with changing customer behaviours.

Say goodebye

Say goodbye to the old mortgage process

The mortgage process was ripe for disruption. Lenders faced many challenges; constantly shifting regulation, processes built on top of processes, a lack of investment and innovation restricted by legacy systems. We understood the pressures.

Great things don’t come from comfort zones.

Stacy Tuschl

The industry has reached a tipping point. Technology has evolved, making it possible and necessary to redefine the mortgage process. 

The time for change is now!

Say hello

Say hello to the future of mortgage lending

We set out to design and build the mortgage journey of the future. Mortgage Hub is imagined, researched, designed and built from the ground up. And with the customer at the centre.


Mortgage Hub is the first 'digital by design' white-label mortgage platform in the UK. It’s powered by open banking technology and its customer centric for lenders, brokers, and homebuyers.

Critically, it's transparent and fast - enabling a highly accurate Decision in Principle (DiP) in under 20 seconds.

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from analogue to digital

From analogue to digital

Mortgage Hub leverages cutting edge UX design. It’s powered by Open Banking, Automated Valuation Modelling (AVM) technology, and API-based data gathering.

By utilising behavioural analysis, we ensure every interaction between the broker, customer and Mortgage Hub is meaningful. Our solution eliminates repetition, removes excessive bureaucracy and provides comprehensive MI at each stage of the journey.

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The power of open banking

Open banking has been a game changer for financial services and offers tangible benefits to lenders and customers including:

  • Improved decision accuracy based on customers actual ‘real-time’ financial data

  • Greater process clarity for customers

  • Decreased application to offer time

  • Negates the need for bank statements and pay slips

  • Helps customers to better understand their financial situation

The mortgage hub advantage

Superior UX

Mortgage Hub provides superior UX and enhanced benefits to lenders, brokers, and customers.

We developed it to streamline and simplify the mortgage process for all users. Crucially, it’ll give brokers and customers an experience they’ll enjoy. Something to keep them coming back for more. And we all know the importance of securing customer loyalty.

The Mortgage Hub advantage

Significant reduction in offer to application time

Decision in Principle (DiP) in seconds

Improved broker throughput

No re-keying data, increased accuracy and less user error

Better customer conversion rates

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

Reduced operational costs

Single source of customer view

The digital enablers driving the solution

  • We use data to drive our development. Next generation technology provides structure to collect, aggregate and process data in meaningful ways 

  • Our flexible event-driven backend microservices create reactive user interfaces and a seamless digital experience

  • We use cutting edge technologies as well as open-source tools and frameworks to be at the forefront of technical excellence

  • Our platform is cloud-native by design, for optimal service and security protocols

  • Our infrastructure is best in class and is designed to drive value over the short and long term. Our data mining and analytics capability, powered by AI, provides unparalleled insights

Driving customer lifetime value, from completion and beyond

Our post completion module is powered by behavioural science. It gives real insight and genuine value for customers. Mortgages are no longer a utility. They’re a meaningful experience.


Leveraging our connections

Mortgage Hub is a testament to collaboration and knowledge sharing. The ground-breaking solution was developed with our parent Tech Mahindra and our select partners, the BIO agency and AND Digital.

We have 40 years of domain expertise in UK Financial Services, extensive regulatory knowledge and deep experience in streamlined savings operations, Target has the capability to effectively take financial services to the next level. 

Offering innovative and client centric Information technology experiences, enabling enterprises and society to rise. Our parent Tech Mahindra enables capability and skilled offshore development resources, meaning we can deploy at pace & upscale the platform to meet client demand.

We partner with the Award-winning digital experiences design agency BIO. Offering best UX and CX design. Bios behavioural science expertise guarantees that our products is at the cutting edge of user experience and adds value throughout the product lifecycle. 

In developing Mortgage Hub we partnered with AND Digital. They're experts in designing and developing exceptional user experiences that engage and enable users.

The perfect solution

Our platform + your mortgage = a winning solution

The biggest challenge with changing and upgrading technology, is the time, resource and effort needed to make sure everything is just so. Which is why our agile implementation is one of a kind.

The modular design means no matter what features you prefer we can make it work. From full system adoption or just a single component added into your process, to a bespoke component or full integration with your preferred supplier. Our expert implementation team will work closely with you to deliver the perfect solution that meets your unique needs.

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