Does the UK mortgage market need a complete overhaul?

That was the highly topical subject for discussion in our vodcast with The Financial Services Forum. The UK mortgage market isn't fitting the needs of today's borrowers. It's based on what's worked in the past and in very different economic times. As more homeowners become trapped in unaffordable mortgages and new borrowers struggle to get on the ladder, it's clear things need to change. So is it time to reimagine the future of mortgages in the UK?

Katie Pender, Managing Director and resident mortgage market expert at Target Group and Rameez Zafar, financial services Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert at, joined Alexander Sword, Editor at The Financial Services Forum, to tackle this urgent topic. 

They examine the effect of a global pandemic, rising inflation, political upheaval and the cost of living crisis on UK mortgages. They also assess the impacts of Government initiatives and regulations to date, including the Mortgage Market Review, The Mortgage Charter and Consumer Duty. 

Together, they explore novel ideas and approaches to mortgage lending that have been successful in other countries. They also call for more radical government interventions and support. Finally, they discuss how technology can be an enabler for good, giving individuals autonomy and ownership of their mortgages and lenders a more accurate view of affordability and the ability to deliver improved user experiences.