We signed up to the Women in Finance Charter in 2018.

In 2022, we had 30% female representation in our senior management and in 2023 we have 33% female representation in senior management. Whilst this may seem a small increase, we’re delighted that we’re progressing towards our Charter target of 50% by December 2025.

During the ast year, we’ve continued momentum in our Women in Target network, launched leadership development and mentoring programmes for all colleagues, launched new e-learnings such as unconscious bias, developed and launched a menopause workshop for all colleagues and included D&I as a discussion point for ExCo and the Board.

We’re not only committed on achieving our target of 50% by 2025, but we’re also determined to close our gender pay gap by 2025.

This year, we will continue to focus on our Gender Pay workstream, positively influencing our Women in Target (WinT) programme, through providing career development and mentoring for all our female colleagues. 

Female and male colleagues smiling

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