Portfolio trades, perfected

If you’re considering buying, selling or holding loan portfolios we have the knowledge, insight and experience to support you in both managing and maximising value from your assets.

We drive outstanding portfolio performance, with high standards of compliance, and deliver seamless migrations across the widest range of asset classes in the market. 

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The expert edge

We’ve extensive experience across the whole portfolio lifecycle. We’ve earned our specialist insight and expertise through servicing and reporting on both our own portfolios and those of major international banks. 

We’re one of the UK’s leading loan servicing providers trusted by over 50 major financial institutions: 

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  • 40 years

    experience with in-house software solutions

  • 18 million

    accounts managed through our systems

  • 250,000 

    fully serviced accounts under management

  • £400 million+

    arrears collected every year

Added value

The value maxim

By outsourcing your portfolio management to the experts you’ll extract maximum value from your portfolios, including: 

Increased collection rates

  • Our dynamic approach to collections incorporating advanced data analytics, consistently delivers results that improve collection rates
  • Our seamless migration transfer allows us to deliver a collection performance far exceeding our client’s pre-migration targets
  • Analytics and insights captured, inform resource planning and future strategy

Migration assurance

  • Highly effective and seamless approach

  • 100% migration success across all portfolios. 

  • A seamless customer payment experience achieved on all migrations 

  • A proven model and expertise mitigating the inherent transfer risk in every migration

Performance, optimised
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Performance, optimised

We offer our loan servicing clients market-leading performance. Delivered through a unique blend of analytical and compliance skills combined with the experience they value and trust.

With a proven track record, clients know that our highly effective processes and controls will deliver for them, protecting their investment and reputations.  

Our promise

Our promise

  • Innovative and agile

    Every client portfolio is an opportunity for our expert team to support you in maximising the value of your book. We can support you with repair, break up, securitisation or even sale

  • Full suite loan support 

    We support the servicing of a full range of loans; secured and unsecured, commercial and personal, performing and non-performing, residential, motor, device and retail. From origination to completion with 100% migration success

  • Commercial and compliant 

    A commercial and compliant culture runs through every policy, process and procedure. It's at the heart of everything we do and we wouldn't risk our reputation by risking yours. 

A well-established business with strong customer service and client engagement underpinned by a robust IT platform.

Standard and Poor's
Standard and Poor's ratings

Standard and Poor’s have rated us “Average” for primary servicing and “Average” for special servicing, giving you the confidence we can deliver to an industry expected standard.

Value added

Next level value, realised

We provide portfolio buyers and owners a range of professional services that can help you enter new markets quickly, assess a portfolio’s value and take away the burden of regulatory responsibility. 

These include:

Advanced analytics

Our analytical expertise offers valuable insight for portfolio valuation and driving improved collection rates. Our work in the purchase, sale, securitisation and servicing of portfolios can support you in the following arrears: 

  • Pricing
  • Assumption validation
  • Due diligence 
  • Benchmarking
  • Post-acquisition 
  • Embedding reviews   
  • Remediation 


If your business is engaged in activities that come under the control of a regulator, we can provide support, consultancy and assurance to help you manage your regulatory risks and maximise strategic opportunities. 

Due diligence

Due diligence can be a detailed, time consuming and costly exercise. Our experts can streamline the process, saving you effort and resource, freeing you up to focus on strategy. We’ll carry out a full or partial portfolio review which adds consistency, quality and ultimately value to your loan portfolio. 

Servicing support

We support portfolio buyers and owners with a range of primary servicing, special servicing and standby servicing options for your portfolio.  We offer the widest loan servicing proposition for consumer and commercial loan products in the UK with over £24bn assets under management on our systems.